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 The hardest part about learning to dance is the initial decision to
 get started.  Many people are reluctant to take lessons because
 they think they have two left feet.  This is a widespread
 misconception. Anyone can learn to dance!  All it takes is
 patience, practice and good instruction.

 Important information to share:
 We strive to help our students feel comfortable and confident on
 the dance floor by tailoring our instruction to fit the student’s
 dance level and interests.  It is important to discuss your dance
 goals with your instructor so that she can help you design a
 program which best meets your needs. 

 How many lessons to plan:
 The number of lessons you will need depends on many factors.  These include the number of dances you are
 interested in learning, your dancing experience, the level of proficiency you would like to achieve, the time available
 for practice, and your personal learning style.  We find that about five to six figures per dance will give you a
 working repertoire.  It takes the average beginning-level couple about six to eight hours of focused instruction in
 one dance to feel at ease on a crowded dance floor.  However, some students meet their dancing goals sooner,
 others never want to stop learning.  At Dance Sophisticates you are not required to sign up in advance for a
 package of lessons or a series of classes.  You can purchase both group and private lessons individually and add
 more instruction as you go.

 What to wear:
 A frequent concern of new students is what to wear.  We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and
 clothing. Medium to low-heeled shoes with smooth or leather soles are ideal.  Sandals are not the best choice since
 they don’t protect your toes.  Very high heels may look delightful, but can result in sore feet and shaky balance. 
 Backless shoes, although very popular, can easily slip off your feet and therefore can disturb your rhythm.  Thick,
 rubber- soled shoes are not a good idea since they tend to grip the floor and can put strain on your joints when you
 are turning.  Don’t let your shoes spoil your fun! Bring some comfortable shoes to dance in; you can change them
 before you leave.  Your feet will thank you, and your partner probably will too!  During the winter months it is
 advisable to bring an extra pair of shoes to wear during your lesson.  This will keep our floor looking new and clean.

 How to make fast progress:
 A combination of group classes and private lessons combined with frequent practice sessions is the best way to
 build your knowledge and skill.  One important habit to cultivate is to practice for a few minutes soon after your
 lesson.  Students who take the time to practice make the fastest gains toward proficiency!

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Contact us today! You’ll be dancing in no time.

Be good to your mind and body!

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