Wedding/First Dance Lessons  

One of the most anticipated days of your life is your wedding day.  To insure that
the day is magical, you have planned every aspect down to the last detail.  You’ve
carefully selected flowers and favors, invitations and icing.  But you’re probably a
little anxious about your first dance.  Like most couples, your dancing could benefit
from some attention.

Relax. We can help.  Since 1998 we have shown many brides and grooms how to dance together with confidence and ease.  We are available six days per week to accommodate even the most demanding schedule.  In no time we can help you:


  • Select your special song.
  • Feel comfortable entering and exiting the dance floor.
  • Learn partnering skills and simple step patterns so that you move smoothly together.
  • End your first dance with a little pizzazz.

 We can tailor your lessons to meet your personal needs.  You might choose to purchase one session at a time, or
 take advantage of our discounted package prices.  You might want to focus exclusively on your first dance, or to
 learn some new dances to try out at your reception.  Perhaps you are planning to invite your family, friends and
 bridal party to join you through specially arranged group classes.  Whether you are deciding when to begin your
 lessons, or even if you have waited to the last minute, we can help.

 Whatever your dancing goals, we will guide you every step of the way.  Contact us today for your dance of a


Contact us today! You’ll be dancing in no time.

Be good to your mind and body!

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