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Pat & Al Kolvek Welcome to the fun and exciting world of
 Ballroom dancing!  Whether your goal is to
 recreate the romance of Fred Astaire and
 Ginger Rogers whisking around the dance
 floor, pulse to the intoxicating rhythms of the
 club scene, or prepare to dance at your
 wedding, Dance Sophisticates Studio is the
 answer.  Since 1998 we have helped couples
 and singles discover the enjoyment of partner

 We provide both group classes and
 private instruction in a comfortable,
 friendly atmosphere.  Whether you're a
 beginner or an advanced dancer, single or
 partnered, we will have you looking great and
 dancing well in no time.

 Take the first step toward enjoyment and new friends by contacting us today.
 You'll be glad you did!




Contact us today! You’ll be dancing in no time.

Be good to your mind and body!

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Be good to your mind
and body !


Dancing is a great physical conditioner and form of aerobic exercise. It tones the body while increasing flexibility and balance.

According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic, social dancing can help reduce stress, increase energy, and improve strength and coordination.

Fast ballroom dancing can elevate your heart rate just as much as running and cross-country skiing.

Dancing can burn as many calories as walking or riding a bike. Moderate ballroom dancing burns between 250 and 300 calories per hour, and fast dancing can burn 400-plus calories an hour.

In North America, more than 1 million people enroll in ballroom dancing classes each year.