Our Philosophy and Approach

Our group at the Steel City Showcase Whether your interest in dance is social or
 competitive, Dance Sophisticates has a program for
  We offer both private and group lessons.  If you
 just want to find out what its all about, you may want
 to join one of our group classes.

 Group classes are tailored for beginners and
 intermediate dancers.
  We focus on establishing the
 basic elements of dance technique and use basic
 patterns in teaching beginners to dance.
  If you are
 an intermediate level dancer, our group lessons allow
 you to practice your “lead / follow and foot work”  techniques while refreshing your memory of dance patterns.
Our Group Classes are focused on the group as a whole but we will give individuals limited special attention if they
 have a problem.
  You do not have to have a partner to participate in a group class.  Either Patty or Al will work with
 you during a group class.

 If you are ready for more detailed instruction then our private lessons are for you.  Our Private Lessons are
 designed for several different learning paths.
  For those who are getting married, we offer a program that will prepare
 you for your first wedding dance at your reception.
  We can design a dance based on your music or we can provide
 you with music from our extensive music library.

 If you are new to dancing, we offer a program that introduces you to ballroom dancing at your pace.  Beginning
 private basic instruction teaches foot placement, frame, and lead / follow techniques along with basic patterns in all
 ballroom dances.
  As you advance in your learning, higher-level patterns are introduced that reinforce and use
 techniques learned in earlier lessons.

 For intermediate dancers, we offer a higher level of learning that focuses on technique and more advanced patterns. 
Focus is placed on body position and balance, and techniques particular to that dance.  Our studio follows a
 general syllabus of dance patterns currently in use by other ballroom dancers in the area.
  This will give you
 confidence to dance comfortably at any open dance in the area.

 If you are interested in competing in Dancesport, we can prepare you for your competition.  High emphasis is placed
 on body position and balance, foot placement, floor craft, and presentation.
  Our studio follows the NDCA dance
 syllabus for patterns appropriate to the level of your competition.

 Whatever your dance interest, Dance Sophisticates has a program for you.  


Contact us today! You’ll be dancing in no time.

Be good to your mind and body!

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